MIRANDA Marcela 10.6.1956
Via Repubblica, 41 – 60033 Chiaravalle (Ancona)
Cell. 346 6674958 fb: Marcela Miranda incisioni
E’ incisore e pittrice. Pratica l’attività calcografica dal 1982, prediligendo prevalentemente la tecnica della xilografia. Ha realizzato 210 matrici, mediamente 10 lastre all’anno. Stampa in proprio. Dal 1985 ha allestito 10 personali e partecipato a 200 collettive.

I’ve met Marcela Miranda in the nineties and, from that moment, I have always been in touch with her work. Her woodcuts never end to amaze me, with an impeccable technique and a black and white that mark distinctly the graphic artist. Her compositions of urban architectures are so poetic that take the observer to revisit the city and turn it into a less caothic place. With a precise drawing, she overrides this atmosphere of tangled wires in sinuous lines, and she achieves to divide the earthly from the heavenly. In her recwent works, we can observe an accent of color among the blacks and whites, and without losing the graphic concept, this provides an additional element to her work. Buenos Aires city has an eclectic and very interesting architecture, you just have to walk and obwerve the metropolis. This is the artist task, seeing what others can’t, transcribing sensations and emotions through shapes… Spreading a very precise trade, with each incision in the matrix, she transports us to that city she invites to discover.
Marcelo Aguilar